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A job portal is VITAL for your employer brand to thrive and get all the candidates you want! 

It is the best tool in which you can invest to position yourself in the search engines, to implement a strategy of employer branding and create a personalized space to which you can redirect all that community that you create on social networks. 

It is not about having a tab on your website where you tell a little about your company, with a photo of your team. 

A truly successful job portal implies much more and today we will tell you what are those 5 aspects that for nothing in the world you cannot fail to include in your employer brand page. 

  • Purpose of your brand:

Here your objective will be to communicate the raison d'être of your brand, what drives them to do each of their activities and how they intend to impact society with that (socially, environmentally, politically, etc.). 

This will be the starting point to emotionally connect with your audience, beyond the product or service you offer. 

  • Brand Values: 

In this section, you should go a step further than just presenting the values that your brand professes and that form its identity. 

The important thing here is the way in which you transmit them, show anyone who visits your page that in your company they really experience these values every day. 

You can do it through experiential videos or testimonials from your collaborators. 

  • Organizational culture: 

This area is essential on your page, because it will be your window to show future candidates how the sense of belonging to the work team is experienced. 

Highlight the way your company does things or those aspects that differentiate its culture and make it unique. 

  • Presentation of the departments or work teams: 

Be sure to include a presentation of the departments that make up your company. 

Depending on the length of your page, you can present testimonials from certain collaborators, from the leaders by departments and the subculture that identifies each one. 

  • Vacancies available: 

A job portal should always display the vacancies available in your company, in an attractive and very dynamic way. 

Specifying the benefits that your candidate when working in your company and detailing each phase of the selection process

Are these 5 aspects a guarantee that a job portal attracts many candidates? 

Although these 5 aspects are vital for a good job portal, the real magic that will make the lines of candidates to apply to your vacancies, lies in the way you present these elements. 

You can play with different formats such as videos, animations, testimonials, etc. 

But each of these must manage to transmit the seal that characterizes the personality of your brand, so that it can connect emotionally with your candidate person

That is why you must play with certain elements so that he identifies himself and can create the perception that your company is the ideal place to grow professionally. 

In LHR Americas Recruitment Marketing Agency, we always highlight the importance of a good job portal that is effective and can convert users to potential candidates and from there to new collaborators.

Our clients have already verified it, only you are missing. 

Let's chat and build a job portal ready to attract all the candidates you need. 

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