Transform the way you recruit candidates with our talent attraction strategy.

The comprehensive solution for new challenges in acquisition processes.

It is a fact that the way of attracting talent has changed and now it is essential to have a great employer brand, recruitment marketing and technology to get more and better candidates.

That is why at LHR Americas we have developed our own digital ecosystem for talent attraction strategies.

This is what you will achieve with our talent attraction strategy:

Position your employer brand.

Attract more and better candidates for your job openings and calls.

Optimize your time when executing all the tasks involved in a talent attraction process.

Make sure that your candidates have a positive experience throughout the entire recruitment process.

These are the pillars we use to implement our digital ecosystem in your company


We will position your employer branding, to attract 3 times more candidates organically.


We will multiply the visits and applications to your job openings with digital marketing strategies and more than 27 recruitment channels.


By using digital tools you will optimize your time as a recruiter, forgetting about repetitive tasks and centralizing operations.

Employer Brand Portal

We develop a personalized portal, where your employer branding will be the protagonist without the high costs of a traditional job market, focused on the conversion of visitors to candidates.

Candidate experience

Your candidate will have the best experience in each phase of the selection, connecting with your employer brand and longing to be part of your team.

We know that each company has
different recruitment needs, that's why our digitalecosystem
for talent attraction strategies, has
3 levels of implementation:


Companies that do not have an employer brand strategy do not publish offers in an Inbound format; They rely on job boards to manage applications for their job openings. And this does not allow them to give their candidates a good experience.

Effective but not efficient

Despite having organic sources to attract talent; these organizations still do not have a good employer brand strategy; they use portals that are not optimized for conversion, they have an ATS but not a CRM. As a result, the candidate experience declines at certain stages of the process.


At this point, companies have an employer brand strategy, publish offers in an Inbound format; they use an optimized employer brand portal, digital tools, ATS and CRM. They are on their way to delivering a seamless candidate experience.

Do you want to know what phase your company is in?

Find out by doing
the diagnosis:

How do you know if you need to implement a digital ecosystem for talent attraction strategies?

  • You can't position your employer branding or connect with your candidate persona, so you struggle to get candidates.
  • You feel that you have not been able to communicate in an attractive way your value as an employer, your essence and why your company is the best place to work.
  • You post job openings non-stop, but you still don't get enough applications and you've already exhausted all your recruitment sources (databases, job boards, etc.), but none offer you new candidates.
  • You do not have a digital tool that helps you optimize your management as a recruiter, complementing your operational capacity, taking care of your candidate's experience.
  • Applications for your job openings depend on a job market that is destroying your budget and does not allow you to maximize your employer brand.
  • You want to offer a better experience to your candidates in all your attraction and selection processes, so that they interact positively with your employer brand.

That is why at LHR Americas we have developed our own digital ecosystem for talent attraction strategies.

Empower your
Employer Brand
  • Diagnosis of the current Employer Branding.
  • Definition of the candidate in general and by department.
  • Creation of the different value propositions to the employee.
  • Creation of customized templates for job openings.
  • Construction of visual resources for job openings.
  • Employer Brand Manual.
viralization of
job openings
  • Paid aggregators.
  • Free aggregators.
  • Digital pattern.
  • Inbound and Outbound campaigns.
  • Referral plan.
  • Recruitment events.
  • Virtual fairs.
Digitization of selection processes
  • Analysis of the talent attraction process.
  • ATS implementation.
  • Supplier integration.

Career site and
Employer Brand

  • Graphic design.
  • EVP contents.
  • Organizational culture section.
  • Segmentation of areas and presentation of work teams.
  • Breakdown of the stages of the selection process.
  • Talent Network.
  • Effectiveness metrics.
  • Installation of Google Analytics and tracking pixel.
  • Frequently asked questions section for your candidate.
  • Automatic chatbot.
  • WhatsApp button.
  • Positioning in search engines (SEO).
  • Custom Web domain and SSL certificate protection.
  • Connection with the applicant management platform (ATS).
experience of
  • Analysis of the candidate's experience in current selection processes.
  • Follow-up.
  • Timely communication.
  • Feedback from the selection process.
  • Optimized user experience throughout all selection phases.

The challenges when attracting talent vary in each company,

That is why we analyze each case in particular to give you the advice you need, 

answer all the questions you have about our digital ecosystem and give you the right budget.

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Employer Brand

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At LHR Americas we take care of it.

Employer Brand Portal

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