Identify the strengths
skills and abilities of
your candidates with talent assessments.

Do you want to make sure that your candidate has the necessary skills for the position you are looking for?

Or do you have great talent in your company and want to develop it to the maximum in a new position?

Establish to what degree will a candidate fit with respect to the organizacion's competencies

Identify if a candidate meets the necessary skills and competencies for the position to which they applied.

Determine what development opportunities each member of your team has.

Establish to what degree will a candidate fit with respect to the organization's competencies.

​Define what development opportunities each member of your team has.

With these steps we will be able to apply the assesments you need:


We will meet to identify the purpose and approach with which you want to conduct the assesments and what type of tools you want to use.


Based on the aspects you want to assess , we take care of creating the structure and sequence of the assesments to start executing them.


Once we have the results of the tests, we apply the talent matrix to be able to provide accurate feedback to the candidate and deliver a detailed report with the conclusions of the assesments.

How do you know if you need to apply talent assessments in your organization?

  • When in selection processes, you need to ensure that a candidate meets all the knowledge and skills for the position, evaluating them impartially, without bias.
  • If your company is aware of the importance of retaining great talent, you need to identify their best capabilities to develop them and prevent them from stagnating at some point in their management.
  • If you need to assess the leadership abilities of a collaborator, to determine if he is prepared to lead a certain department.
  • You want to know in depth the strengths and weaknesses of your team, to work on these aspects and develop their potential to the fullest.
  • You want to know if a candidate will be able to fit into the organizational culture of your company.
  • You have work environment conflicts in your team and you want to know in depth what aspects need to be adjusted and improved to obtain the best performance from everyone.

We clear up here the more when applying assesments with LHR Americas

We implement different types of evaluations, to assess all the aptitudes, competencies and abilities that you require.

We adapt to the needs of your company, applying leadership tests, intelligence tests, commercial and sales aptitude tests, based on the competency model.

Whether in selection or development processes, once our experts analyze the results of the evaluations, we agree on a virtual session with the candidate where we present their strengths, their skills with the greatest potential and their opportunities for improvement, along with a development plan. to work on them.

5 days from the structuring of the evaluation sequence, then we carry out the tests or interviews and at the end, we give the candidate personalized feedback and deliver the final report with the conclusions.

We know that each company has different needs when evaluating their team and new talent.

That is why we analyze each case with precision to give you the advice you need. 

and assess all the skills you consider necessary.

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With the help of assesments, make sure that this specialized and high-level candidate has the necessary skills in a verifiable way.

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