Do you need to attract new talent quickly to support the growth of your company?

We take care of achieving it with massive recruitment processes!

Is your company in any of these situations?

You require a massive, digitized recruitment process that involves recruitment marketing.

This is what you will achieve with a massive recruitment process at the hands of LHR Americas:

Agilely recruit the high volumes of candidates that your organization requires.

Balance your operational load, since we will carry out the entire process of attracting, evaluating and pre-selecting candidates.

Cover the demand for personnel for your company's projects in a timely manner.

Give visibility to your employer brand within the labor market.

Through these steps we will help you find the best talent


We will focus on preparing the profile for the job openings, from the need that your company has and thus address the massive recruitment strategy.


In this phase, we dedicate ourselves to implementing all the recruitment marketing tactics to strengthen your employer brand, post the event and attract candidates.


Then, we carry out an automated pre-filtering to prepare a ranking of candidates, see which are the most qualified and move on to the evaluation stage.


Finally, we apply a specialized evaluation or massive evaluations and based on the results, you will be able to choose your new collaborators.

In our mass recruitment processes, not only resumes are recruited.

We are determined to fill the job openings you need.

These are some of the processes we have developed

Ecopetrol Trainee Job Fair 2021


Ecopetrol Job Fair 2022


How do you know if you need a massive recruitment process?

  • If your company has a large volume of employees and you are forced to recruit a large number of candidates in a short time.
  • If your company is developing new projects and you need to cover a specific demand for personnel.
  • If you are experiencing accelerated growth, creating new departments and need to enlarge your team to boost the scope of operations.
  • If throughout the year, you face times where you need to recruit a greater number of collaborators for various tasks.

Here we clarify the most frequent doubts when developing a massive recruitment process

From our experience, we always recommend carrying out a large-scale recruitment when you need to close a large volume of vacancies, for example: from 30 or 40 vacancies.

We manage competitive response times in all phases of the process, incorporating technologies to provide a timely response to all candidates; together with agile methodologies to obtain the best results.

These types of strategies are effective for recruiting positions, from interns or recently graduated professionals to positions of low and medium complexity.

Likewise, we analyze the situation and recruitment needs of each company and if you require a more direct and robust strategy, for high-level positions, such as a Headhunting strategy, we can also help you.

Throughout 20 years dedicated to attracting talent, we have developed massive online and face-to-face recruitment.

In both cases, we take care of creating and implementing the entire dissemination strategy, we carry out a pre-filtering and we also take care of the evaluation phase, so that you can then choose the best profiles.

When the recruitment is done in person, the costs associated with the logistics of the event must be quoted with external providers.

Whether it is an online or face-to-face event, we always take care that the experience of our clients and candidates is the best, promoting the employer brand to attract the best talent.

We know that each company has completely different needs.

Therefore, when analyzing your situation we can give you the advice you need 

and create a massive selection process totally focused on meeting your recruitment objectives.

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