Reduce the time you spend attracting and evaluating talent.

Digitize your selection processes and improve your management as a recruiter.

Attracting talent goes beyond just posting a job opening

It's reviewing hundreds of resumes.

Scheduling interviews.

Assesing each candidate.

Imagine being able to perform all these tasks from a single place, optimizing every second of your time.

This is what you will achieve by implementing a digital tool in your selection processes:

Centralize all your processes and information in one place.

Automate those tasks that consume most of your time.

Improve your selection processes, speeding up the hiring phase by up to 89%.

Provide your candidates with a better experience throughout the process, with more accurate and effective communication.

With these steps we will digitize the operations in your selection processes


We will take care of studying your talent attraction process in depth to design the necessary indicators and automations.


We will have a kick off with your team and after parameterizing the ATS, we will be able to migrate your databases to design the candidate library. Your team will receive advanced training for the management of ATS and Onboarding.


Finally, we are going to integrate the providers of your selection process (technical and psychotechnical tests, contract signing) to your ATS.

How do you know if you need a digital tool (ATS) in your selection processes?

  • If manual tasks such as filtering resumes, sending emails to candidates or scheduling interviews take up a lot of time and operational capacity that you could invest in more strategic processes to improve your management.
  • If you have noticed that managing all the information of your job openings by email is no longer effective and lends itself to many communication errors.
  • If you require a tool that allows you to have centralized information that is accessible to your entire team.
  • If the magnitude of the processes exceeds your operational capacity and this affects the communication with the candidates and, therefore, the positive experience they may have throughout the selection process.

Do you want to know more about Teamtailor, the tool that will allow you to have a more effective recruitment?

Schedule a demo and explore all the possibilities.

We clear up here the more when digitalize your selection processes

We would work with ATS Teamtailor, a platform that brings together all the necessary tools and automations to improve your management as a recruiter and streamline the phases of your recruitment and selection processes.

Teamtailor is our great ally and we have already verified its ability to communicate with candidates and publish vacancies with our own team of recruiters and our clients.

  • Massive communications with your candidates (Email, SMS).
  • Optimization of the process with the help of automations (scheduling interviews, sending tests, scheduled emails, signing contracts, etc.).
  • The opportunity to create your own employer brand portal to post your job openings. Integration with the social networks of the brand and your suppliers of the selection process.
  • Chat with candidates to answer their frequent questions.
  • Metrics about the candidate experience, audience of your recruitment campaigns and team activities.

You can have unlimited users, one for each member of your team, with different roles and permissions that can be configured according to the needs of your recruitment process.

In less than 7 days you could have this system implemented, ready for you and your team to start using it.

You don't need prior technical knowledge or developers or designers to get started.

And if you need something additional, with our team we will make sure that you can have everything ready so that your selection process is fully digitized and you enhance your management as a recruiter!

We are prepared to adapt to each of your needs.

We can implement the ATS from the first phase or configure only the integrations that you need.

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