Headhunting that goes beyond a winning list

The experts, strategy and technology you need to get the key part of your team.

At LHR Americas we have a team of Headhunters ready to advise you and find that ideal candidate.

Finding that exceptional profile, that has the skills you need, it's a rigorous job. That's why we have:

A robust network of contacts.

Knowledge of the current market situation.

Time, disposition and strategy, to attract the best collaborator, without any type of bias intervening in the decision.

To give candidates a positive experience with your brand, while we take care of the image of your company.

This is what you will achieve with our Headhunting strategy:

You will receive a detailed proposal about our search, evaluation and selection process.

You will have our advice to create the best job offer.

Get that specialized profile, among the best candidates who are not in an active job search.

Security and confidentiality will be one of the priorities throughout the process.

Your candidates will have the best experience throughout the selection process.

Why choose LHR Americas to manage your Headhunting strategy?

At LHR Americas we use various recruitment sources that allow us to reach the most outstanding candidates.

Direct search
(pure hunting)

Library of candidates and a network of networking that we have cultivated over 20 years of experience.

We make
multichannel publications

We apply recruitment marketing strategies.

Through these steps we will help you find the best talent


We will do the necessary research with the professional requirements of training, experience and specific knowledge.


This stage begins with a segmented market study to profile the most qualified candidates.

From here we will begin to make the preselection.


We will present you a report with the search results. You will receive the CV and a video presentation of the candidates.

Until selecting the best of all!


We will carry out a rigorous evaluation process, using state-of-the-art tests; analyzed by our team of expert professionals.

How do you know if you need a Headhunting strategy?

  • If you need to hire a highly qualified professional, for a very specialized job opening or one that is difficult to obtain.
  • If you want to carry out this process confidentially, taking care of the corporate image of your company.
  • If you know that getting this type of profiles requires a lot of time and extensive research and your team does not have the necessary experience to manage it.
  • If you want to make sure you get the most qualified candidate, choose them fairly; without any kind of bias.
  • If you have tried to carry out this process on your own, but you have noticed that you need advice to study the labor market and create a really convincing offer.

We clear up here the more more frecuent doubts

In an average of 10 days we will deliver the first group of candidates (short list); together with a pre-selection report.

Unlike other Headhunters, at LHR Americas we are not satisfied with presenting only one winning list; we make sure to show you the best in the market so you can choose the perfect candidate.

We design a rigorous pre-selection methodology where we explore the candidate's experience in depth and relevant aspects such as their greatest challenges, achievements and responsibilities; related to what our client is looking for.

We make sure to technically endorse all these details in response to the needs of the job opening.

If the process requires it, we reserve the name of our client during the selection.

However, we make sure to provide candidates with a good context about the sector and differential aspects that allow us to show the best version of our anonymous employer; to present it attractively.

Our experts use multiple channels to always be in contact with the candidates (via email, phone call, video call, etc.).

That is why we value the trust they place in us and their experience during the process.

If, when you see our shortlist of candidates, you feel that none of them meets the exact profile you are looking for, we will not give up.

Our main objective is that you manage to hire the most suitable person for the position, that is why we always make sure to show you everything that the market offers and if you consider that none of them meets your expectations, we will present you with a new batch of candidates plus a market study to advise you and make the best decision.

It is important that you keep in mind that each Headhunting process is different.

Each position has its own challenges in attracting the perfect candidate.

That is why we evaluate each case with precision to choose the best strategy and give you a
successful budget.

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