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The management of human talent has evolved significantly in recent years, and companies that want to remain competitive today cannot focus only on the CORE of the business, on the contrary, the human talent has become the strategic center of successful organizations, and the acquisition of the best possible talent is the cornerstone for their growth and development. 

Now, like never before, recruiting teams have a very broad panorama of variables that they cannot lose sight of and that they must combine until they find the formula that attracts the talent they want among their ranks. 

Join us to explore how Employer Brand and new technologies are combined as the main ingredients of the new recipe of talent attraction and acquisition for competitive companies. 

Let's consider three of the aspects that are most decisive for candidates when making the decision about the company they would prefer to work for, according to the Randstad Employer Brand Research: salary (63%), the balance between personal and professional life (55% ) and the good work environment (50%).

The latest studies on employer branding, confirm that the employer brand is the intangible that has been gaining more strength in the last year to attract and retain talent in organizations. 

According to the study The Future Of Employer Branding by Universum, 2020 Outlook, The 62% of companies considers employer branding as a business priority and four out of ten managers hope to ensure long-term hiring through reputation strategies that reinforce this value in companies.

But What are the main trends that are being implemented? What differentiates the most attractive companies to work for?

Faced with this question, companies have the challenge of building a reputation and a brand image that is highly valued, not only in relation to their products and services, but also among their customers. collaborators and candidates. 

The new objective for the leadership of the companies will be to build and manage a narrative with which they can communicate the values, culture and leadership of the company as a potential, unique and very attractive employer to remain in the Top of Mind of potential candidates whom they wish to seduce to occupy the vacancies available. 

With a strategy of Employer Brand well designed, you not only manage to increase knowledge of the company, but you also achieve that your potential collaborators They have a higher level of commitment because they identify with their purpose and values.


Although we could explore dozens of different strategies to improve the  employer branding; However, what is essential for companies is to honestly develop a company culture with high value towards employees.

Each of the strategies will be integrated within a framework in which the well-being and value proposition of the organization are the main focuses, and which could be supported by these 5 pillars: 

✅Compensation and benefits.
✅Professional opportunities.
✅Company values
✅Company culture.
✅Work environment.

All actions implemented internally will be aimed at reinforcing each of these pillars in favor of the development of a culture to which everyone wants to belong, and which becomes such a solid asset within the organization that it can be counted on the different channels with the that the company has, in such a way that it becomes an irresistible attraction for customers. candidates and future employees. 

But the competitiveness and culture of an attractive organization goes beyond the narrative of what you are like. employer brand. The value proposition is also expressed in the rapid adaptation that organizations have to the changes and new challenges presented by the labor market. 

Technological transformation is, without a doubt, the greatest of these challenges, not only to exponentially increase the effectiveness of procurement processes of new professionals, but also, and very especially, how to put this new technology at the service of the experience of the candidates and the well-being and development of the collaborators who, as we have already seen, are fundamental for the growth of the business. 

Have a Career Site optimized, efficient and attractive that not only shows the best of who we are as a company, but also does so with disruptive and innovative format and content, is one of the most notable trends in attracting talent in recent years. 

The recipe also includes the implementation of automations and the use of tools based on Artificial Intelligence capable of accelerating, personalizing and optimizing the administrative tasks involved in the search and management of candidates, the result will be better than you imagine. These are just some of the advantages: 

  1. Improved candidate experience. 
  2. Systematization of administrative tasks 
  3. Effectiveness in evaluation, analysis and selection. 
  4. Resource Optimization. 
  5. Scalability of search and attraction processes 
  6. Greater customization. 
  7. Employer Branding Optimization.
  8. Presence and construction of digital reputation.  

Technological natives are those who predominantly make up the new workforce in the market, and in the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the rapid adaptation of organizations is key to capturing the interest of the candidate person. 

The digital experience is the new transversal axis of attracting and managing talent that not only drives results, but also considerably impacts the perception that our potential collaborators have about the company. 

Know what they are and how to implement new technological trends in your processes. talent attraction It is a must if you want to position your company's name in the minds of the best talent. 

The second edition of Talent Acquisition Summit 2023, which will take place this November 2 and 3 in the city of Bogotá, offers you and your team a global overview of the new methodologies and technological tools that are changing talent management around the world. 

Reserve your tickets by clicking here and learn what and how companies that decide to stay at the forefront of the market are implementing. 

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