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3 Inbound Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing lessons that will bring you closer to the best talents

Try to cover everything that a strategy implies Inbound recruiting and Recruitment Marketing in a single article it is impossible and if we are honest, it would be so long that you would not have enough time to read it.

That is why today we bring the 3 main lessons from this fantastic duo, which every talent attraction leader should have in their arsenal to reach the candidates more qualified. 

If this is your first contact with these terms, it will also be very helpful to understand why companies like Apple, HubSpot or McDonald's They have no limits when applying them in their attraction strategies.  

Marketing settled in Human Talent and does not plan to leave 

So if the dangerous idea of: “This is a fad and sooner or later it will pass.””, we recommend that you throw it away, because that will not happen. 

Marketing reaches the area of Human talent out of pure necessity; the latter's need to reinvent itself and enhance its attractiveness, dynamism and effectiveness in a digital era, where advertising regained prominence, diversified and offers of all kinds saturate the eyes of anyone with a cell phone. 

Even job offers. 

Therefore, it came as a breath of fresh air to make companies face a reality: 

That they were no longer the only ones with absolute power in employer-employee relationships and that the collaborators, aware of this new right; they would make it count. 

Introducing a couple of concepts that are worth rescuing: 

  • Use all the tools available to understand your ideal consumer, which here becomes candidate person
  • Strategically build a personalized value proposition. 
  • Forget about the own biases when understanding your candidate. 
  • You don't have to please all the candidates, but rather a specific sector of them, the one that can really connect with the value and purpose of your employer branding.

1. Putting yourself in your collaborators' shoes goes beyond a work environment survey

If when you encounter words like “candidate person” and the instruction to focus on a specific profile for your company, led you to the conclusion of a work environment survey, we immediately warned you that it is not the correct path. 

Although the reasoning behind knowing the current professionals on your staff to know what traits prevail in the majority and determine their fit with the brand, this type of survey is not the correct vehicle; since it does not even apply Marketing principles. 

It focuses exclusively on the perception that the employee has about the organization, which despite being an important factor, is not everything you are looking for when you want to apply. Inbound Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing. 

For this, more than knowing how your collaborators see you, what is sought is to understand them, listen to them, investigate their motivations, analyze them, identify illusions, fears, dreams and goals, delve into their realities and environment. 

Not all people aspire to the same achievements, and their personal and professional ambitions are satisfied differently. 

Therefore, at this point it is vital keep biases, prejudices and generalization in a very hidden trunk, where they cannot alter the drawing of conclusions about your candidate person and the perception you have about it. 

2. ACC E The formula that prioritizes the candidate 




Fall in love. 

These are the 4 key phases of the methodology Inbound recruiting, who is aware of the empowerment of the candidates; makes them protagonists of the talent attraction strategies

All this sheltered under the umbrella of a employer branding attractive and with a defined value proposition adapted to the needs of your candidate person. 

Before attacking with a brief job proposal, basic descriptions and generic phrases, You must focus on attracting and unleashing the full potential of your employer brand, through the channels that your candidates consume. 

The numbers don't lie: The 66% of people inform themselves about the culture and values of the company before signing up for a job offer, while the 54% informs themselves about the advantages and benefits they offer and the 55% evaluates the opinions of current collaborators.

Make people the protagonists of the story. 

3. Success lies in segmentation 

Starting from the principle that “you don't need just anyone within your company” and second, accepting that it is impossible for all professionals in the world to identify with your employer brand, you must bet on segmentation. 

Although we all want our company to be a benchmark in the labor market and for people to run to apply for our vacancies, this does not mean that we should target all candidates to achieve it, because generalization is not strategic for the purposes of Inbound Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing. 

With segmentation, you will be able to develop a specific action plan, focused on the preferences, expectations, values and beliefs of a population sector, which will lead you to concentrate your efforts, optimize your resources and enhance your communications effectively. 

As it explains Jorge Ortiz, Consultant in Strategic Human Talent Management: 

“What is done for everyone, equally, ends up being ineffective, expensive and generating little satisfaction. Focus on populations you can serve well and profitably.”

Segmentation will help you create transformative work cultures and, therefore, a more effective attraction strategy. 

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