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Talent Acquisition Summit 2023: the event that brought together the greatest exponents of human talent attraction

He November 2 and 3 It turned out to be a date that will remain etched in the memory of the community of Human talent at a national and international level, which met in the city of Bogota Colombia, to learn from the greatest exponents of the area, in an event that opened the door to the new era of talent attraction in the country. 

With speakers of the caliber of Toni Gimeno, Gianluca Rosania, Carlos Gutierrez Baiget, Hung Lee, Alla Pavlova, Claire Bush, catalina saenz, Juan Fernando Dávila, Juanita Bejarano, Juan Gaitan, Francisco Ocampo, Marcel van der Meer, Natasha Marulanda and Bas Van de Haterd, expectations were quite high and were more than exceeded. 

Everything developed in Hall 74 Event Center, a place that stood out for its modern, attractive spaces arranged with everything necessary for the enjoyment of all attendees. 

Day 01: between employer brands, technology with AI, the “mining YouTuber” and much more

The first day started with “10 resources to create a winning employer brand” a conference led by Catalina Sáenz, Operations Manager of LHR Americas and Juan F. Dávila, who runs The Line Group, an agency specialized in processes of endomarketing For companies, an incredible duo to open the event and convey to the entire audience that a organizational culture and employer brand that is not shown or shared, in short it does not exist. 

This being the fundamental pillar not only for the attraction, but for the retention and development of good talents in the work team. 

Toni Gimeno, who also participated in the first edition of the Talent Acquisition Summit, provided all his knowledge and expertise when speaking about “Why are talent attraction strategies failing us?”, facing theory with practice in those very normalized situations, but at the same time; so harmful when seeking to conquer new candidates. 

The event progressed with Gianluca Rosania and Hung Lee, the first being passionate about candidate experience, with a dynamic and fun presentation, which immersed us fully in the fact that everyone, absolutely everyone candidates, They deserve the best impression from companies, even if they are not selected. 

read, which came direct from London, exposed all the new advances that have come with the appearance of AI in the area of talent attraction and how it must be allied with technology if it wants to ensure the success of future campaigns and strategies. 

Then, the scenario was taken as practical cases such as the experience of Teleperformance in their campaigns talent attraction, as presented Juan Gaitán, Vice President of Human Management Middle Americas, who with an extremely empathetic talk, deepened a pain that afflicts several members of the Human talent: connecting with talents of the new generations, who seek other types of benefits and have no taboos when talking about economic remuneration at work. 

Next to Carlos Gutiérrez Baiget, Head of Sales Spain & LATAM at Teamtailor, attendees learned to identify those actions and functions that do correspond to the application of AI and those that do not, a crucial point when choosing the most effective digital tools to support teams in the attraction and selection processes. 

The participation of Juanita Bejarano, Vice President of Human Talent and Services Cerrejón, surprised with the program inclusion and digital positioning that they have implemented in this organization dedicated exclusively to the mining industry, having as its main focus the community of women of the Colombian Guajira through initiatives such as “The Mining Youtuber”

And to close, Natasha Marulanda HRBP- LATAM human talent business partner at Uber, gave an exceptional conference on the cultural fit as an essential ingredient for talent attraction, a topic that left all attendees ready to comment on their learnings in the closing panel and the networking event, where they were able to share with various colleagues and interact with the various sponsor stands. 

Day 02: Employer brand portals, career sites, attracting talent without LinkedIn and a Masterclass worth remembering forever

The second day was the continuation of this incredible experience, led by Bas Van de Haterd that he exposed “10 successful job portals”, analyzing them deeply live and direct, identifying those elements that work and those that do not, followed by Alla Pavlova, artistic and technological talent search specialist at Riot Games, who via streaming demonstrated all the potential that social networks have for a talent attraction campaign effective, creative and without the need to depend on LinkedIn. 

Followed by Francisco Ocampo, LATAM HR Director at PayU Global, who dedicated himself to revealing all the secrets necessary for when companies intend to use culture as a talent attraction factor, a variable that is mostly viewed from a superficial perspective, but as he explained, it runs through every area of a company, so it must be worked on delicately and patiently, with a long-term focus; but always keeping in mind that culture is dynamic and subject to change. 

Besides, Claire Bush, Co-Founder of, who conquered the entire audience with his warm and friendly personality, established the perfect connection to teach everything behind a high performance career site and how the digital marketing must be a pillar for any organization that today aspires to attract talent in a creative and disruptive way. 

The finishing touch was undoubtedly the Special Masterclass Dictated by Marcel van der Meer, Global Sourcing Trainer, who did not miss the opportunity to interact with the attendees, showed practical examples of real-life vacancies and emails, used in recruitment processes. talent attraction and how AI is the perfect ally to improve this type of communications if it is used appropriately, in order to increase response rates from candidates. 

Big brands such as teamtailor, Staffing, Time, Betterfly, Colsubsidy and Performant, along with the surprise of a great alliance between LHR Americas and The Line Group, from which was born Match Me, employer brands that connect, an innovative and fresh proposal that came to advise all companies that need to restructure their employer brand to ensure the future of the company. attraction and retention of talent. 

After the storm comes the calm?

Without a doubt, the Talent Acquisition Summit was crowned as an exclusive event for the highest elite of the talent attraction, being a hurricane that brought winds of change (for the better) in the strategies of all the attending companies. 

So if you are an analyst, recruiter, leader or head of selection or human talent, this is an event that cannot be missing from your calendar every year, because the Summit will continue, bringing the greatest global experts and taking care of each detail to make it an unforgettable experience. 

If you had the opportunity to attend, Share your anecdotes with the conferences on social networks, tagging us as @lhramericas and with the hashtag #tasummit, also keep a close eye on your email because we will soon be sending great surprises. 

On the other hand, if you couldn't go, Just activate notifications on our Instagram and LinkedIn profiles to be one of the new ones to find out when we announce the next dates for 2024. 

And never be left behind in the race for talent again.

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