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It is 2023 and you are a human talent professional, so it is essential that you take into account the following message:

Not having information about new trends puts you at a disadvantage and you run out of arguments to convince your candidates. 

So today we want to help you to be 2 steps ahead of all this. 

Since the beginning of the year, you have surely seen many videos, reports and emails that tell you about the trends in human talent management, but really; It is so much content that we are going to summarize it in some points, so that you can understand it in a simpler way.

That is why in this article we will tell you about the 3 aspects that will be impacting the world of talent attraction the most for this 2023. 

But first, we also want to give you some context on the overall market outlook for this year. 

Many sectors will have a second awakening that will lead them to want to fill many vacancies, so there is an imbalance between the supply and demand of personnel. 

Therefore, many companies will have to conquer that percentage of candidates who are not actively looking for work, including candidates who work as freelancers.

So with that in mind, let's get started!

#1 Candidates want to be a part of something BIGGER

yes, the candidates they want more than just work, they want to CONNECT with companies and this must happen before applying for a vacancy. 

They want to know if they will be given the opportunity to perform in something that fulfills them, that makes them feel part of a whole. 

So you must manage to transmit that inspiring purpose that moves all the collaborators of your company towards a single objective. 

The vehicle to achieve this will always be a Employer Brand with a clear identity and that knows how to demonstrate its differential factor in all its communication channels, offering exclusive content for its candidates with a special focus on social networks. 

If your plan is to connect with candidates who are not actively looking for work, content on networks will be your best tool. 

#2 They will arrive candidates more and more informed about the selection processes

Years ago, the selection processes, the stages, the times, the types of tests and the information that recruiters looked for when reviewing a candidate's CV were a secret that was only known in the departments of Human Resources of each company.

But now, that trend is over! 

More and more candidates know and compare what it is like to participate in one, valuing the experience they provide as an indicator to evaluate the company that aspires to hire them. 

They will look at how easy it is to make the application, the communication you offer them throughout all the phases, whether or not you give added value and even the questions you ask in the interviews.

In addition, today it is the recruiters and the same companies that share on their portals and social networks what their job will be like. selection process, tips for a good CV and how to function in an interview. 

Because? Because they know how much their futures appreciate this. candidates, that allows them to create a connection before the day of the interview and that makes them see how a brand that cares that everyone who applies to their vacancies have the best experience. 

It is time to ask yourself how clear is the information that the candidates have about your selection process and that you implement it in your pull strategies both internally and externally, with informative and valuable content for your candidates that they make it clear to the applicant what they need to perform in the position and what to expect from the selection process.

#3 The experience in interacting with your candidates will be the priority, remember that in the end it is they who decide if they accept the invitation to participate in the selection process or to work with you 

As in the previous point, keep in mind that everything revolves around the candidate, not the company.  

He will be the one who decides if he is motivated or not to undertake a selection process with the company, if he accepts or not to work with your team and this will depend a lot on the treatment he receives from you, remember that as recruiter, you function as the main ambassador of the employer brand. 

You must treat your candidates as if they were clients and we can divide this into 2 points: 

  • Do not skimp when selling them the virtues of the company and the experience of working for it. 
  • Review your entire communication flow in depth, what type of messages you are sending, with what tone they are written, how you express yourself in calls, in interviews, how you are answering your candidates' doubts and how long it takes for them to receive a response, etc.

To end…

If we could summarize these 3 forecasts on talent management and attraction in a single sentence it would be: 

The most important thing will always be your candidate. 

And this is something that has been discussed for many years, but more and more companies are aware of this and are taking advantage of it.

In LHR Americas We have the experience that can help you face these new challenges, giving your candidate a great experience and positioning your employer branding with strategies of  Digital marketing. 

Leave us your opinion about this article in the comments and if you want to know how we can help you with your pull strategy, click here and let's talk!

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