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Before you continue to underestimate the power of content for your employer brandingWe want to tell you something: 

All employer brands They MUST create content! 

And they must do so in all their communication channels, because a good content plan, in the long term, will allow you to generate a loyal community of potential candidates. 

For some time, companies that have allocated part of their resources to do content marketing in their employer brands have realized something: In this way they manage to organically capture more candidates and profiles who are not actively looking for work.

Why are applicants more attracted to content than to a direct job offer? 

The contents help you get the attention of that target audience, talking about interesting topics for them and showing them the experience of working with you. 

This helps keep your company on their radar, even if they're not actively looking for a job.

Additionally, the new generations of candidates (Millennials and GenZ) are increasingly cautious when applying to a job offer and seek to be well informed before making a decision.

So we invite you to conquer them with content!

It will be more natural for them to apply to one of your selection processes in this way, than to overwhelm them with typical vacancies that are limited to job descriptions, without details and that do not arouse any kind of emotion.

But today we are not here to tell you more of the same. 

"Create content, publish valuable content." 

No, to start this 2023 on the right foot we will share 5 TOP content ideas that will rain candidates for your next vacancies. 

  1. Show the internal dynamics of your company: this will allow your future candidates to know the environment with which they will find themselves if they become collaborators, in addition; you can use this to your advantage to show those dynamics or methodologies that differentiate you from the rest. But don't just settle for describing them in an Instagram post, use experiential videos, that way it will be more attractive. 
  2. Present your outstanding talents: integrate into your content strategy a section where you show the testimonials of the most outstanding talents in your team, those with the longest track record or those who have had the opportunity to grow within the organization in a short time. 

Make sure that when these collaborators tell their experience, they tell how they came to your company and how their lives have changed since then. 

  1. Share the story of the start or foundation of your company: remember that this new generation of candidates loves stories, they want to know what was that trigger that made them start and what obstacles they had in the way, they want to know that they will belong to a company with purpose. 

This can be done through photographs or a video. 

  1. Share the most difficult moment your organization has faced: currently, candidates highly value when companies acknowledge that they have gone through difficult situations that have put them to the test, that have made them rethink their way of working and in some cases even go backwards. 

This humanizes your brand and makes it look closer. 

  1. Show how the recruitment process is in your company: with this you will not only be able to connect with your candidate, but you will also clarify many doubts, so you can share data such as: how many phases your selection processes have, how are the interviews What kind of tests do you do? 

These content ideas are very versatile, so you can include them on your website or social networks, always looking for the resources and formats that are most attractive to your candidate persona. 

With a well-planned content strategy, you will be able to get more candidates and, above all, those new talent profiles that are so difficult to attract. 

If you want to go deeper into this topic, just click to find out how we can support you in this process from LHR Americas – Digital Recruitment Marketing Agency.

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