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In the area of the talent attraction, it is normal that you focus on the profile of your candidate person to structure all the processes and communications related to your strategy, but you, as recruiter, you can also fit into certain profiles that indicate different strengths and weaknesses in your management. 

Do you know what kind of recruiter you are? 

Are you structured or a master of improvisation?

If you have never asked yourself these questions, today we will tell you why it is so important to discover it. 

“Map” Recruiter vs. “Compass” Recruiter

On this occasion we will delve into two profiles, which are usually the most common and which will help you identify the characteristics of your management and what may be those obstacles that are preventing you from locating and retaining employees. candidates what you really need 

A recruiter "of map" is a professional talent attraction which stands out for: 

  • Be methodical. 
  • Planned. 
  • Structured. 
  • He doesn't leave things to chance. 
  • Metrics fanatic.

On the other hand, a recruiter "of compass", as its name says, goes where the wind takes it and is characterized by: 

  • Be innovative. 
  • Disruptive. 
  • He is not afraid to improvise. 
  • Passionate about trying new trends. 
  • Handle changes and unforeseen events with ease. 

So the first step is to identify which of these qualities are present in your management when developing a Talent attraction strategy. 

What is that tool that you cannot miss to set your course? The map or the compass? 

Both have great virtues, but that is not why they escape having peculiarities that can hinder your activities. 

if you are a recruiter "of map"For example, perhaps it has happened to you that: 

  • It is difficult for you to react quickly to any inconvenience.
  • You do not like to make unforeseen changes in the processes that are not contemplated in your planning. 
  • Having to improvise is your worst nightmare. 
  • You overanalyze decision making in crucial aspects of your strategy. 

When all this comes together, that planning that helps you keep everything under control becomes your own straitjacket. 

Above all, because when working in human talent, you face different generations of candidates in constant change, so in the strategy and way of approaching them, taking advantage of trends and new tools is an essential detail. 

Instead, if you are a recruiter "of compass" your Achilles heel may be that: 

  • You improvise so much that you have not been able to create efficient bases for your attraction and evaluation processes. 
  • The desire to innovate makes you try many things, leaving unfinished processes; without giving them a prudent period to evaluate their performance. 
  • On some occasions, you recruitment You can become disorganized and this makes you neglect important aspects such as feedback and the experience you provide to your candidates

As you can see, we must bet on balance, it is wonderful that you have the ability to get out of your comfort zone, keep up with the latest trends...

but all talent attraction strategy It must have pillars and indicators that allow you to identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize the experience of your candidates

So should you change the way you recruit? 

Which is better, the map or the compass? 

Breaking your head with that dilemma is no longer necessary. 

Because whatever your profile, you have a range of incredible strengths and to compensate for your weaknesses, you only need an ally to guide you. 

And in LHR Americas We are ready to help you face any challenge in the talent acquisition, promoting each phase of your management to capture more and better candidates. 

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