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Candidate experience: a crucial point in your talent attraction strategies

How many times have you not taken for granted the candidate experience that you offer throughout your talent attraction and selection processes?.

Well, you're not the only one. 

According to figures provided by the portal starred, only 17% of employers evaluate the candidate experience in all possible ways, while 64% of companies take it as an indicator to measure the performance of their recruiters. 

And what happens on the other side of the coin? 

It has been verified that 58 % of the candidates has turned down a job offer because of a bad experience and 65 % says they rarely or never get feedback on their apps.

While by offering a candidate experience positive and with timely feedback, talent is 4 times more likely to consider participating in future calls or selection processes in your company 

Therefore, all the actions involved in your talent attraction strategy, should aim to provide a candidate experience comprehensive, positive and that leaves a mark in the memory of everyone who applies to your vacancies. 

The 3 red flags of the candidate experience

Although each company handles different processes in the area of Human talent, there are a number of general characteristics that indicate that your candidate experience decays and that you must act fast to improve it: 

Poor communication throughout the selection: The clearest proof of this are messages or comments on your networks, which show the discontent of your candidates, For example: 

“I applied, but never received an answer.”

"After the interview they did not contact me again." 

Leave everything in the hands of automations: Although technology is currently an incredible ally for your management when attracting talent, it cannot and should not take care of everything. Also, many times, your candidates they will want to communicate with a real person, because there will always be a case that does not fit within the "frequently asked questions" or the available options of a chatbot. 

If you don't give them that option in an accessible way, they will most likely abandon the process or not be as responsive once you contact them. 

To prevent this from happening, if you can rely on automation with response messages that announce that you will contact them personally, during the day. 

Cumbersome and extremely complicated applications: No matter how many parameters and standards your company uses, you should always try to have an application flow for your vacancies that is optimal, effective and simple. 

Remember that many times you candidate they will be applying to several offers and will not hesitate to give up yours if it contains many filters, unnecessary redirects or manually entering details that are already present in their CV. 

For all these details, it is important that you consider that the candidate experience It involves both the one who has already applied to your offer, and the one who has not yet done so. 

But above all, this must be unique, special, that conveys to people that your company values them and is genuinely interested in learning more about their talent, that it considers them as a valuable acquisition for its team. 

How to enhance your candidate experience without dying trying?

If you got this far and wonder where to start to enhance the experience you offer your candidates in the selection processes, we invite you to visit the website of our next event: Talent Acquisition Summit 2023. 

Where we will have the presence of Gianluca Rosania, Director of Recruitment at BitPanda HQ, who will present us with “The challenges of creating a consistent candidate experience”. 

A conference where he will delve into all the details related to what a good candidate experience really means, which he has developed by working with companies such as Glovo and Booking.

Revealing the keys to create an experience that enhances your image as a recruiter, employer and human being; in the eyes of your candidates. 

just click here and you will be able to know all the details. 

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