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The 3 keys to enhance your talent attraction strategies: Technology, Resource Optimization and advanced employer brand

If there is a detail that we cannot overlook when talking about the area of talent attraction is the multiple tasks that are carried out to attract and conquer the candidates adequate, without taking into account the entire evaluation phase; thorough and with very rigorous tests, to ensure that this professional really has all the skills mentioned in his CV.

As if this were not enough, once this person joins your team, you must find a way to develop their maximum potential, promoting them to contribute to the growth of your company, and then ensuring that they are satisfied in their position, maintaining you as an attractive employer in your mind; so that it does not go with the competition.

An endless and repetitive cycle, which is also usually framed in an environment full of demands and a lot of pressure to meet the operational demand of the company, the expectations of collaborators and continue creating innovative and disruptive proposals; that lead you to the results required by managers without wasting resources.

If you are from that old school of the talent attraction or you were trained in it, perhaps you are familiar with the belief that you are just doing your job, if you are overwhelmed with tasks, a schedule full of interviews, calls coming to your cell phone all day and stop counting.

But if you observe this panorama in detail, it is focused exclusively on the operation and execution of manual tasks, without any order or specific direction, dangerously leaving aside the strategic component.

Some symptoms that alert you to this situation are:

  •  What do you feel in total ignorance of new trends, methodologies and digital tools to attract more talent.
  •  You don't have unlimited time to learn all these methodologies, but You don't want to miss the opportunity to integrate them into your strategies.
  •  you have a great pressure to generate immediate results and effective, so you are worried about balance between investment/return when it comes to involving new elements in your planning.
  •  You worry about not taking advantage of those key opportunities and joining new trends at the right time, which ends up causing a direct impact on the perception of your role, your management and success when attracting talent.

If you identify with more than one of the characteristics on this list, in this article we have put together the 3 keys to enhance your talent attraction strategies, without dying in the attempt and without sacrificing strategy, but without wasting time.

1. Recruitment technology for advanced sourcing, data-based evaluation and everything you could manage with a click away.

One of the biggest enemies for creating creative and effective strategies for talent acquisition is he time.

And it's because in our area Multiple tasks are necessary, many of them repetitive and time-consuming, such as filtering profiles, candidate CVs, interview scheduling, etc.

Even if you as a leader are not 100% focused on these tasks, they always end up requiring a percentage of your attention, especially if they cause your team's workflow and the immediate results that you are looking for to collapse.

Because, what good are hours and hours invested in manual work, if you still don't get an adequate number of qualified candidates?

Integrating specialized technology for recruitment into your attraction, selection and evaluation processes, you will better manage your team's time, while you have the security of having an efficient system with which you do not miss the opportunity to attract the best talent.

To achieve this, you must know the latest tools to achieve this, such as ATS, platforms with automations and AI integration.

2. Resource optimization

If when creating new strategies, what worries you most is the fact of investing in new technologies or methodologies and how much return you will obtain; You must be aware that an essential step for these strategies to work, is to promote the effective optimization of all your resources.

For example: budgets, time, personnel in your charge, platforms, etc.

So you cannot undertake a new strategy, which requires a different approach, without first optimizing the resources you already have and thus enhancing your reach and results.

As a strategist, you must have a general and critical vision of the resources at your disposal and identify in time those areas that need restructuring or provide them with the necessary tools to support themselves and do their work better.

This element is directly linked to the previous point, because effective recruitment cannot be separated from technology and it will be your best ally to execute new strategies.

For example, if you need certain members of your team focused on additional tasks, but performing manual tasks takes up a lot of their time, an ATS could simplify their work and allow them to have more time available.

3. Advanced employer branding

Working on your employer brand is an essential aspect to enhance your talent attraction strategies, but it is necessary to take it one step further.

Do not create a employer branding just to say you have one, but actually use it to connect with that person. candidate person that you are interested in attracting to your company and developing in the long term once they are part of your team of collaborators.

For this, you must observe the employer brand from a different perspective, with long-term positioning, with communication and a message built in detail, leaving nothing to chance and aimed specifically at the profile you want to attract.

Therefore, it is a process that must be carried out in great detail, with a general strategy, but with a detailed breakdown of each action necessary for your employer brand is positioned, is impactful and lasts in the memory of your candidates, so that you are their main option when looking for work.

How can you integrate these 3 keys to ensure the success of your talent attraction strategies?

This is just a prelude to all the new trends that are once and forever transforming the area of talent acquisition, key elements that you must have mastered before wanting to apply other types of more advanced methodologies or tools.

A employer branding Well structured, it will be the basis that will allow you to move forward safely towards more creative and innovative strategies, for which you will undoubtedly need to invest in specialized technology for recruitment processes, all of this framed by a management where each of the resources are optimized to the maximum; time, collaborators, budget, etc.

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