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manage a talent attraction campaign It is quite a large project on its own, but if we add to the equation the fact of carrying it out internationally, the difficulties and doubts increase.

This challenge is increasingly common in the case of countries such as Saudi Arabia, which seeks to gather more Latin American talent.

In this article we will share how to run this type of campaign without dying in the attempt, or affecting the reputation of your employer brand and taking care of every detail of the experience of your candidates.

What does a candidate think about a “job offer abroad”?

Putting yourself in the shoes of your candidates is a mandatory action to lead this type of recruitment campaigns.

As a spokesperson for your company, you must keep in mind that this type of offer, especially for places as far away as the Middle East, can generate a lot of mistrust, insecurity and that your possible candidates They think endless things before applying:

"I'll have to leave my whole life behind."

"It's a very different culture."

"I won't be able to see my family."

You are not only asking them to apply for a job, you are asking them if they are selected; to pack their entire life in a suitcase, to face culture shock and in some cases, to go very long periods without seeing their family.

Each phase of your campaign must be carefully planned so that it does not create an impression of rejection.

In LHR Americas We have been recruiting for companies outside of Latin America for 20 years and as a result of all those experiences, we will reveal our best tips to avoid rejection in this type of campaign:

  • It defines very well the type of profile for the vacancies, taking into account the region where you will search for it, to know what terms or keywords to use and that your candidate can also identify them.
  • Provide all the information you can about the company requesting the vacancy, remember that you are looking for latin american staff to take him to the other side of the world, so you must inspire confidence and security, so that he does not have the feeling that he is facing a scam or a deceptive offer.
  • In the event that the employer does not allow you to give details about him, rely on audiovisual resources, such as videos or photographs. Show your candidate that the process is real and completely transparent, that they will reach a real company.
  • Create a communication strategy that is convincing and attractive, do not limit yourself to just giving information about the vacancy, create content where you expose the benefits of living in the new country, what the company will offer the new collaborator and that helps you refute all the possible objections of your candidates. It includes information about the city, moving services, schools, recreational activities, etc.

In addition to all these recommendations, it is very important that your employer brand has an English version of its website or a channel that your candidates can consult to verify the veracity of the selection process.

You should also keep in mind that this type of job offers they bring with them a very delicate immigration process and that this will be the biggest concern for your candidate.

Since the Visas for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East  They handle different requirements depending on the type of visa and the country of origin of the applicant.

If you are in the area of attracting talent, it is essential that you train in everything related to the recruitment campaigns abroad.

From LHR Americas we will continue to share more content about it and our experience in successfully recruiting talent for the Middle East.

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