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How to know if your career site is frustrating your talent attraction strategy?

if the Employer Brand is responsible for building the right narrative to attract the best talent, the career site either employer brand portal It is the vehicle for it to reach the ideal audience, but if it is not structured properly, it can end up interfering with the message or worse, hindering your entire attraction and selection strategy.

In this era of digital recruitment, having an exclusive website for your Employer Brand It is essential, but as we always state from our philosophy at LHR Americas, all these resources to enhance the results of your recruitment must be developed and used in an active and intelligent way, according to the needs of your organization.

What do we mean by the fact that a portal of Employer Brand Should it be used “actively”? 

Because this cannot be published with a small banner, the mission, vision and values of the company, hoping that only this will magically bring all the positioning you need.

That is why it is important that you analyze the flow of your strategy and that if both in your communications or publications related to vacancies, you are redirecting users to your career site, ask yourself what level are you driving in it?

Is it really contributing to your strategy, or the contrary; is it diminishing the results?

The 5 red flags of a poor career site

A employer brand portal It must be attractive and very striking for your candidate person, so that you can get all your vacancies in one place; but this is not why you should think that its sole purpose is aesthetics and hosting job offers 
There are many aspects that you should not neglect and that, by doing so, you run the risk of wasting the great potential of your career siteTherefore, with the following list you will be able to identify them and take action as soon as possible.

1. Not having a responsive version of the website

That is, that your web page has a version that dynamically adapts to the different sizes of mobile devices, so that the information can be fully appreciated without any inconvenience. 

According to a survey carried out by LinkedIn, more than 50% percent of the candidates do their job search from their cell phones or tablets, without counting the possibility that, if a publication from your company appears on any of their social networks, sending them to the website, they will not look for a computer to enter, they will do everything from their phones. 

2. Portals overloaded with text

On web pages, there is currently a commitment to economy of words, eye-catching titles and very precise descriptions that are complemented by varied multimedia content, photographs, videos or interactive infographics. 

On the other hand, portals with excessive text or that present it in extremely long blocks, only saturate the user's view, who has the perception that they will have to scroll a lot before getting the information that really interests them. 

A career site With the appropriate text, optimally distributed and with the correct multimedia content, it will allow you to have a good visit time on the portal, which translates into precious minutes to conquer your candidates

3. Outdated information

One of the objectives to look for with a employer brand portal it is to achieve a good digital positioning, but if there is something that search engines do not forgive, it is outdated websites; since they interpret it as unreliable results, which will not give the user the answers they are looking for, much less a good browsing experience. 

This section includes both published content and blog articles, vacancies, forms, links, buttons, etc. 

This also ends up subtracting points from the candidate experience that you can offer, hindered by broken links, which redirect to non-existent pages or defective buttons. 

4. Long and cumbersome forms

In you career site There should always be 2 types of forms, one intended to collect basic information when a candidate applies for one of your vacancies and the second, with the intention that they can register to your database and receive information about calls, new offers , events, seminars, etc. 

Therefore, these forms must be quite intuitive and not request more details than necessary to maintain contact, because they can end up being very long and users will feel that it is very invasive. 

A questionnaire that takes more than 10 or 15 minutes to complete is 45% more likely to be abandoned than more concise ones. 

5. Image and generic communication 

As a career site should reflect your Employer Brand and its unique personality, it cannot settle for a generic and repetitive image and communications. 

Since the goal of a good employer branding it is to differentiate your organization within the labor market, making it stand out using its values and differential factors; so everything communicated in your employer brand portal must be carefully thought out to answer the question of: 

Why should candidates choose you over other companies? 

For this, the best resource you can use is "show instead of tell", which consists of attractively demonstrating those characteristics that make you a great employer, instead of just mentioning them. 

For example, instead of saying that you are a company that is committed to innovation and the professional development of its collaborators, create a section on your page where you show what type of courses or training you provide to employees, recognitions related to the type of developed projects, etc. 

The Ticket to a Successful Employer Brand Portal: Talent Acquisition Summit 2023

If you have identified any of these 5 red flags in your career site, you must be alarmed and with good reason, but do not allow panic to make you make crazy decisions and take the word of any pseudo guru of the employer branding

In the new edition of Talent Acquisition Summit We have thought of all the leaders of talent attraction who are struggling to enhance the performance of their career sites and employer brands, so we will have 3 conferences dedicated exclusively to these topics: 

  • “10 Resources to create a winning employer brand”, Dictated by catalina saenz, Operations Manager at LHR Americas and Juan F. Davila, Endomarketing strategist for human talent.
  • “Teleperformance experience with the use of employer branding in its attraction campaigns”hand in hand with Julian Giraldo, Regional Director of Human Talent at Teleperformance.

And finally, "High performance Careers sites", along with Clair Bush, Co-founder of 

Attend and dare to implement new strategies that will completely transform the way you attract talent. 
Know all the details here.

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