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Employer branding: an essential task to position yourself when salary is no longer king

We might think that the salary and tangible benefits offered by a company are the main variables that candidates consider when choosing between one job offer or another.

The managers and specialists of the areas of human talent They have witnessed the remarkable transformation of the marketplace and the workforce in recent years, and never before have they faced so much pressure to develop effective strategies to attract qualified talent.

After the world discovered in a pandemic that it could adapt to new working conditions, the labor market landscape was dramatically transformed.

People began to demand and value other aspects in job offers and with this the task of attracting talent has become even more competitive and fierce.

A solid strategy Employer Branding it is a must in an era where salary is no longer the absolute king

In a global context of recession, a tighter labor market and professional profiles with higher expectations regarding the intangible benefits that a potential employer can offer, the units responsible for human talent they have been forced to question whether wages are still the most important factor for workers.

Faced with this question, companies have the challenge of building a reputation and a brand image that is highly valued, not only in relation to their products and services, but also among their collaborators and candidates.

The construction and management of that image to communicate the values, culture and leadership of your company as a potential, unique and very attractive employer will be the main objective of the employer branding.

According to the report Candidate Experience Report 2.022 Published by the consulting firm Criteria in the second half of last year, the expectations and demands of the workforce available in the post-pandemic market have a new configuration, which seems to be here to stay. 

Here are the most notable, prioritized results derived from the responses to this report, which delves into the thoughts, feelings and desires of 2,000 job candidates from around the world, and from a wide range of jobs. of industries and origins:  

1. Flexibility is the number 1 priority for job candidates, ranking as a more important aspect than compensation, work culture and benefits. 33% of candidates have turned down a job because it did not offer flexible or remote work options that would allow them to maintain a work-life balance.

Followed by:

2. More professional development opportunities.
3. Higher compensation.
4. Better managers and work teams.
5. Organizational culture.
6. A greater sense of purpose at work.
7. And better benefits.

In this context, it is time to ask yourself: Is your company seducing its candidates with "it" that they want to hear in their offers?

Currently the candidates They obtain information about companies more easily, so it will also be much easier for them to make comparisons when choosing between one job offer and another.

That is why you must find the ideal way to conquer them.

3 aspects of a Employer Branding solid to attract your candidate person

1. Understand and leverage your company's mission, values, vision, and culture It will allow you to identify what your operational and business needs are, and what kind of talent you need to acquire to meet those goals.

Once you have it clear, you will be able to structure the appropriate narrative that attracts attention and resonates with the values and desires of your candidate person.

2. Audit and optimize the brand image of your company conducting internal surveys, searching social networks, reviewing reviews about the organization or, if the company's finances allow, hiring a firm that measures and manages reputation monitoring.

Whether advised by an expert reputation or image consultant, or self-managed, the research should offer guidance on the most valued aspects inside and outside your organization to build a value proposition, a marketing message and a promise that is attractive and , especially honest, for your potential collaborators.

But not everything will be rosy. The diagnosis will also make it possible to identify those areas of opportunity on which special attention should be paid and honestly incorporated into the marketing strategy. employer branding.

3. Tell your story on the channels your candidate person

Internal and external communication is essential to build an effective employer brand strategy, especially if you consider the real history of the company and that of its members as an attractive value capable of connecting with your potential candidates and stimulate the sense of belonging and defense of the brand on the part of your collaborators, turning them into the main ambassadors of the organization.  

4.  Clearly define and highlight your offer Employer Brand facing his candidate person, in which it is described how the values of the organization are manifested.

A good example of them is designing a periodic compensation review proposal for each worker, the possibility of obtaining profit sharing bonuses, a growth and development plan that they can access and, especially, the intangible benefits that reward them. emotionally.

Work on a good strategy employer branding for your company not only allows you to control and react quickly and positively on the narrative and discourse associated with your brand among collaborators and potential candidates, but it also prevents staff turnover, guarantees the effective acquisition of new talents, reducing the time you spend filling vacant positions and saving up to 50% in the costs associated with the search and attraction processes.

you will be wondering, how to enhance the employer branding of your company to optimize your attraction strategy and become an attractive employer for the human talent qualified?

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