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Cultural fit: the secret to attracting and retaining great talent

He cultural fit is a term that has always been present in the area of Human talent, but that for some time now, has recovered its importance, which should never have been taken for granted.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, highlights that:

“Hiring people is an art, not a science, and resumes can't tell you if someone will fit into a company's culture.”

But the cultural fit yes.

What we can translate into that it is not just a matter of attracting collaborators who "look good" within the organizational scheme, but who really is a talent that can develop, adapt, connecting with the values, mentality and purpose of the company, and, Therefore, contribute all your knowledge for the growth of the company.

That is why it is so important to make cultural fit an essential tool when it comes to attracting new talent, because it is the key element that will make the difference between those candidates who will later stay or decide to leave.

3 benefits of attracting culturally fit talent

Applying cultural fit everyone wins

If from the beginning of your talent attraction strategy, you make cultural fit a fundamental aspect, you will achieve that your candidate Know the values, personality, principles and purpose of the company well before you start working for it.

This will help you assess if it fits all these parameters, if it is compatible with the values that your employer brand professes, and if this will later make it develop a sense of belonging and commitment much faster than that candidate just look for "one more job".

In addition, it will allow you to know your future collaborator who is so attracted to being part of your team, how he sees himself in the long term within the company, if he considers that he shares the same values, if he feels motivated and interested in the labor outlook.

Benefit your retention rate

By focusing on attracting talent based on their cultural fit with your company and making this a primary filter in deciding which candidate is the one indicated, you will have a much faster and more efficient adaptation phase, so they will have a greater chance of developing in the long term within the company and optimizing their productivity, reducing the turnover rate.

Gives you greater chances of getting brand ambassadors

applying cultural fit from the selection process, he candidate and later the collaborator, will feel more identified with the values and activities carried out by the company, which will make it easier for you to develop marketing strategies later on. Employer Brand with ambassadors or referrals for future calls.

In addition to these three benefits, attracting talent with cultural fit it also improves new employee satisfaction rates and overall employee experience.

How to integrate cultural fit into your talent attraction strategies?

Each company has a Employer Brand totally different, with very important aspects to highlight when applying the cultural fit as a tool in recruitment processes, for this reason, in the new edition of the Talent Acquisition Summit 2023 We will have a great speaker who will be in charge of explaining all the aspects involved when doing cultural fit.

Natasha Marulanda She is an expert in Talent management and development, change management, leadership development and learning, who will come to share all the knowledge and experiences she has gathered from working with companies such as Uber, Banco Davivienda, CIAT, Kraft Foods Colombia and many more.

He will join us on November 2 at Hall 74 Centro de Eventos, in Bogota, Colombia, with the participation of: How to attract talent doing Cultural Fit.

A space where you can learn everything you need on this subject and take the necessary actions to start it up.

If you don't want to miss it, just click here and reserve your spot for the only Latin American conference focused on talent acquisition. 

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