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CHANGING THE BUSINESS GAME: 13 of the most influential voices in human talent management in Europe and Latin America

In a business world in constant evolution, the selection and management of human talent committed to the objectives of organizations has become an art and a science, the mastery of which is crucial for the sustainable success of any organization.

In this context, new methods, strategies and technological tools play an increasingly important role in the new relationship between employers and employees.

However, these elements would have little or no relevance without the people who put their expertise at the service of finding and retaining the right individuals, those whose skills, values and culture align with the company's objectives.

In this article we present to you 13 of the most influential personalities in the field of recruitment, whose works leave a precedent for the future of the management of the human talent in Latin America and Europe.

1. robin choy

Founder and CEO of HireSweet, a talent acquisition platform created to empower hiring teams, especially from technological equipment, with data-driven strategies.

From HireSweet, choi helps companies find candidates that are perfect for a specific job, even if you are not actively looking for a job. “The really interesting thing about the market is that most people are not actively looking for work. StackOverflow figures show that 15% of candidates will move after applying for a position and 60% are open to new opportunities but never actively look for a job,” Choy notes.

Its focus lies in precision, which is why it has developed sophisticated systems that search and compare public profiles of potential candidates on the web. candidates to a job, and then send that information to employers. Choy has achieved satisfaction rates of up to 80% for clients such as BlaBlaCar, Dashlane and Nokia, and his company has managed to raise $1.5 million in the last two years thanks to its increasingly complex integrations with traditional recruiting tools.

The podcast host is also A-Players, wrote an excellent guide for recruiters called The Definitive Guide to Sourcing in Recruiting, and managed to expand his company to the United States where he already has more than 100 clients.

2. Hung Lee

He has over 20 years' experience as an agency recruiter, recruitment manager, in-house head of talent, recruitment coach and strategic advisor to fast-growing companies in London's tech startup scene.

This UK speaker, writer and strategist is known for his focus on innovation and technology in the recruitment. founded, a platform that connects employers and candidates technology using data analytics to improve the quality of matches; so it has been at the forefront of developing and promoting new ways companies can connect with talent.

Lee is the creator and curator of the weekly newsletter “Recruiting Brainfood“, around which he has managed to build a community of thousands of industry professionals, to whom he offers valuable information on the latest trends in human Resources and recruitment, Worldwide.

3. Clair Bush 

Two decades of experience in advertising and media that have built the foundations for a solid career in which he has developed commercial brands from the recruitment marketing, creative campaigns and employer branding.

She is co-founder of, from where Bush works to help organizations strengthen their Employer Brand and improve your strategies recruitment marketing. This involves working closely with companies to understand their values, culture and vision, and then developing strategies that combine creativity, technology and effectiveness to attract customers. candidates talented people who share those values.

Bush has stood out for a unique vision of the constantly changing talent landscape since the recruitment marketing, creative campaigns and perspective of the Employer Brand, turning their experience and knowledge into a valuable asset for companies seeking to attract and retain the right talent in a highly competitive labor market.

4. Alla Pavlova

Based in Amsterdam, this An expert recruiter of technical and artistic talent, she has built an outstanding career in the video game industry, for which she has built technological teams since 2008.

Her contribution has led her to stand out in companies such as I look GameHouseViber Dott My.GamesBlendle Relive, and in her current role as an independent sourcing consultant and interim recruiter at Riot Games, one of the leading companies in the video game industry.

Alla Pavlova has demonstrated her ability to identify and attract the most talented professionals in the digital entertainment industry, positioning herself as an influential personality in the field of recruiting for this niche.

5. Bas Van De Haterd 

Speaker, technology advisor, consultant and expert in evaluation tools and the future of hiring, helps companies have a recruitment smarter, combining career sites professionals with digital marketing strategies.

He has been a passionate advocate for using technology and data to improve talent management and decision making in human Resources, as well as a prolific author of books and articles that investigate the keys to Talent management and the future of work, which has earned him recognition as an influential voice in the industry.

He is a consultant to organizations such as the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Rail, Dutch Post, the University of Twente, the city of Rotterdam, the city of 's-Hertogenbosch and many more.

One of the lines of action of his work has been focused on using technology to make hiring more effective, but above all more fair, helping organizations attract talent from different groups and use scientific methods to select the most qualified. 

6. Marcel Van Der Meer

He is an influential figure in the world of recruitment and talent search at a global level.

Founder of the community BadAss Recruiters & Sourcers on Facebook, and Klikwork, and Global Sourcing Trainer, with which he has played a crucial role in the training and development of thousands of recruiters around the world.

Van der Meer is known for his recruiting methodology, automation and growth hacking skills, and the application of neuromarketing, particularly in the dissemination of candidates. 

He has led successful recruiting teams in both corporate and agency environments, including Rabobank, based in the Netherlands; and has earned his reputation for his expertise in renowned companies such as Signify, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

7. Toni Gimeno

Creator of the methodology Inbound recruiting, this Spanish consultant has positioned himself as one of the most influential experts in the employer branding and the talent attraction.

He has directed projects with which he has managed to increase up to 16 times the number of candidates registered, the ratio of suitability to the position up to 50%, reduce the duration of the selection processes by half and reduce rotation up to 28%.

He is co-founder of Talent Clue, a Recruitment software, helping more than 500 companies like McDonald's, PepeJeans, Accenture, Volkswagen, Wurth, Telepizza, Securitas Direct, Iberdrola or Decathlon, to be more effective in attracting talent.

8. Gianluca Rosania 

He is a leading figure in the world of technology and innovation, an expert in blockchain, artificial intelligence and technical recruitment and is part of the Top 3 of the most important LinkedIn influencers in this area.

He is a consultant data driven in talent acquisition with more than 14 years of experience, and has forged a solid career in companies such as Robert Walters, Glovo, Booking and Bitpanda, where he serves as global director of technology talent acquisition and blockchain .

Rosania is the creator of Project Gaia, a set of recruitment and motivation methodologies for teams in the area, with which their motivation and productivity increases.

Resident in Barcelona, Spain, he founded his firm LIVT specialized in training programs for recruiting teams. (Sourcing, candidate experience, hiring processes, data, metrics and much more).

9. catalina saenz

Campaign leader massive recruitment and positioning specialist Employer Brand, is a faithful believer that the employer branding It is the secret to connecting with more and better talent.

He has developed an extensive and successful career in building and directing teams in charge of carrying out the search, evaluation and selection processes of technical professionals for recognized companies worldwide.

Her outstanding expertise in the conception and execution of innovative recruitment processes (mass or individual) specialized for each industry, as well as the deep understanding of the skills necessary for each sector, have made her a valuable resource for organizations.

Lead the recruiting team LHR Americas, from where it supplies the best qualified talent to companies in Latin America, promoting creative and innovative search and selection campaigns.

10. Julian Giraldo 

With 5 years in the area of human management, developed the digital transformation project that led the R&S area at Teleperformance to improve its profiles and capabilities during 2020, with the High Touch component

He currently works as Regional Director of Talent Acquisition at Teleperformance, a company based in 83 countries and certified as one of the most prominent employer brands in the world, from where it focuses on creating a talent acquisition environment based on technology, qualified human interaction and efficiency.

11. Juan Fernando Dávila 

Expert in Endomarketing and Relational marketing, has built a solid career by increasing business awareness, employee commitment, customer loyalty human talent and the productivity of companies.

Dávila has expanded his career by explaining to organizations how to create emotional bonds with their workers to solve business challenges to benefit the company's strategic objectives.

For Dávila, more than 90% of people in the world are not committed to what they do, although more than 70% of their vital time is associated with their jobs, which is why from his company, The Line Group, offers tools that combine Anthropology and People Analytics to understand the cultural DNA of the organization and the 100% of the collaborators as part of a community and as human beings.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors for Colombia of the World Organization of EO Entrepreneurs, certified by Icontec as a highly innovative company and recognized six times at the FIT for its participation in outstanding transformation processes of companies such as Helm Bank or Aviatur.

12. Natasha Marulanda 

She is an expert in management and talent development, change management, leadership development and learning.

He believes in the development of people's potential as a fundamental element for achieving business results, which is why his career has focused on the development and implementation of leadership programs, change management and transformation of the organizational culture of companies to those he has worked on, among which stands out the Banco Davivienda, CIAT, Kraft Foods Colombia and Uber, in which he serves as HRBP- Human talent business partner for Latin America.

13. Juanita Bejarano 

She is an outstanding executive who has held senior management positions in the field of human Resources, with an impressive track record of more than 19 years of experience in multinational companies in Colombia, Chile and Brazil.

She has promoted high-impact projects associated with gender equality in the world of work, contributing significantly to the human resources strategy and business success of the organizations in which she has worked.

This work has earned him recognition from organizations such as the Women Economic Forum & G100, in whose panel “Women in management positions participated recently.

For his experience in managing teams and high-impact projects in companies such as General Motors South America, and Carrejon, one of the most important mining companies in Colombia, where it currently occupies the Vice Presidency of Human Talent and Services, Juanita is located on the map of influential figures in the business and human resources community in Latin America.

The business world has changed rapidly, and the needs and expectations of the human talent has changed the game of the usual relationship between organizations and their potential collaborators.

The deep knowledge of this evolution, the understanding of the new challenges it implies for companies and the contribution of these thirteen personalities to the human talent management industry have turned them into true engines of change and innovation that are outlining the new rules. of the game in the processes of attraction, selection and retention of the employee of the future.

In the new edition of Talent Acquisition Summit, which we will hold on November 2 and 3 in the city of Bogotá, you will be able to get up close and personal with these thirteen industry leaders, their experiences and new perspectives, with which you can put into play the strategies to attract the future talents of your employer brand.

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