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Bogotá hosts the only Latin American conference focused on talent acquisition

Along with the global changes accelerated by new technologies, there are also numerous challenges in the human talent industry.

Millions of available vacancies are published every year, and the labor market report has experienced a growth of 6.4 % in 2021 and 4.9 % in 2022, only in Latin America and the Caribbean according to the International Labor Organization ( ILO).

But being one step ahead in the strategies for attracting and recruiting qualified human talent requires the constant exchange of best practices and rapid adaptation to new industry trends, such as the use of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to reduce response times, or the keys to building a solid and sufficiently attractive employer brand for your candidate personas.

A new trend in the world of attracting and attracting human talent?

In the last year and a half, we have seen hundreds of speakers from all over the world and thousands of specialists in the area of talent acquisition and retention, have gathered at large events that analyze ways to capitalize on these new challenges.

That is why face-to-face events have gained more and more relevance and allow the joint reflection of the experts who come to learn about the most innovative strategies for attracting, attracting and retaining the best professional profiles.

The Iberian Human Capital Summit, held simultaneously in the cities of Madrid and Lisbon, or the disruptive RecFest that brought together more than 4,000 visitors and 100 speakers in various venues in London, are just a few examples of how direct interaction and exchange of experiences drive the evolution of the human talent sector.

Bogota will be the capital of the acquisition of human talent in Latin America

Latin America is no exception, and the city of Bogotá stands as the venue for the only fair focused exclusively on the acquisition of human talent with the second edition of the Talent Acquisition Summit, organized by LHR Americas.

The appointment, scheduled for November 2 and 3, will address the global practices that are transforming the world of talent attraction, such as new trends in recruitment marketing, candidate experience, and AI in the area of talent acquisition. and new technologies.

The Talent Acquisition Summit, Bogotá 2023 has a billboard of international speakers such as Hung Lee, recruitment curator at Brainfood, in England; and Toni Gimeno, Spanish consultant and creator of the Inbound Recruiting methodology, with which he has helped companies such as McDonald's, PepeJeans and Volkswagen to transform the way they attract their talent.

In addition to a wide line-up of guests including experts from the United States, England, Spain and prominent local figures such as Catalina Sáenz, Operations Manager LHR Americas; Juan F. Dávila, endomarketing strategist for human talent; Juanita Bejarano Arango, Vice President of Human Talent and Cerrejón Services; Natasha Marulanda, HRBP- LATAM human talent business partner and Julián Giraldo, Regional Director of Human Talent at Teleperformance.

LHR Americas, organizer of this first and only fair focused on talent acquisition in our region, promises to share with those attending the Talent Acquisition Summit the new tools that will help them enhance their attraction and selection processes, and position their companies as attractive employer brands. for ideal candidates.

Tickets can be obtained through the website

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