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Currently there are different job portals, Social Network groups where vacancies are shared, but LinkedIn, a Microsoft ATS, could be said to be the largest in the world, where in addition to the constant publication of job offers, It is a Social Network widely used by recruiters or headhunters, who are doing their searches through keywords to find the ideal candidate.

It is important to bear in mind that there are two positions regarding job searches, people who have not worked for a long time (case 1) and those who are working and want to improve their income, position and/or change their sector or company (case 2). In case 1, people who are desperate, who were affected before or during the pandemic and are currently unemployed, apply to all vacancies to those who "consider" that they meet some requirements. The reality is that perhaps they have an affinity with a 30% - 40% or really sometimes they do not meet any requirement, but they do it with the thought of the possibility that they may take the CV into account for another position or for later. They also apply without sometimes reading the vacancy information well. And it is understood that it is a complex issue, because he is in a difficult situation on a personal and professional level.

And there is case 2, of the people who take the time to rReview the vacancy very well, analyze it to see if it is really what they are looking for, because perhaps there is not a need as in the previous case.

Whatever the situation that is presented, We give you the following recommendations that are important to keep in mind when applying for a vacancy:

  1. It is important to have the Complete CV to 100% and updated, with all the relevant information and an adequate structure (personal information, professional profile, work experience with your responsibilities, start and end date, your most important achievements, academic training, skills and technical skills).
  2. Read the vacancy description very well, profile, requirements, salary, hours, challenges, skills, etc.
  3. Review the origin of the vacancy, whether it is from a company or a corporate email. There are false publications and they publish in the name of a recognized company, with very attractive salaries. The recommendation is always to review official networks and contact the company.
  4. Apply to a vacancy where the salary is commensurate your education and work experience.
  5. It is important to read in the description, that you apply at least to a 80% of all the requirements of the vacancy.
  6. Applies only to charges that fit your profile and that you see that you can perform.
  7. Apply in various job portals, at least check twice a day, so that your CV is among the first postulates.
  8. Networking is essential, you can write directly to the person who is in charge of the selection process, either by LinkedIn or if you have the possibility, by email.

Before applying to a vacancy, keep all these recommendations in mind so as not to make the typical mistakes that we have identified. And if you feel that you need expert advice to work on a better version of your CV, you can find it in our "Workshop for the Construction of your CV" a digital workshop where we want to transmit all our international experience of 20 years for the benefit of our candidates.

Remember that you can follow us on our Social Networks so that you find out about our vacancies and advice of interest.

Tachiner Cordero Olascuaga
Business Development Director
LHR Americas

He has 10 years of experience carrying out Human Talent processes and talent evaluation in middle and upper management, administrative and operational positions. He also has 7 years of experience in Human Talent consulting, knowing the challenges presented by companies with an external vision.

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