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Social Networks are part of our daily lives, they are present in the work, family and social spheres, not only as a communication mechanism but also as entertainment. under this scenario How aware are you of the opportunities that Social Networks offer to look for a job? According to a 2020 study by We Are Social, “2 hours and 29 minutes is the world average time that people spend on Social Networks. and "49% of the total population of the world (3,800 million people) currently uses Social Networks".

Being part of a world where technology and the immediacy of information are daily pillars, one must take advantage of the opportunities offered by these new forms of communication; This is where, from LHR Americas, we call for optimizing the time we invest in networks to find new job opportunities that contribute to the professional and personal growth of our candidates.

Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, They are the most used Social Networks, they are part of the apps on our computers, tablets and cell phones, they give us the possibility to interact, create content and access endless information, but Are you aware that they can become allies to find employment?

The first thing you should know is that large companies also have Social Networks, which they use not only as a mechanism for advertising and brand positioning, but also as a tool to publish job offers. Here are some elements that can be of great help:

  • It is important to focus your attention on the search, so leave for a moment the distractions that commonly overwhelm Social Networks and focus your search objective on job offers. Do not use only a Social Network for this purpose. 
  • Remember to update your profile and be careful with your posts Since, just as you are looking for information about the companies in which you want to work, they may also want to know more about you.
  • If you want to work in a certain company, start by following it, the job offer you want can be published on its Social NetworksYou can also learn about them and this aspect is essential in any job interview.
  • Create your profile on professional Social Networks such as LinkedIn since recruiters will be able to learn more about your professional experience and academic training and it is a fundamental mechanism to publicize your achievements and trajectory. Besides, You can establish contact with people who are part of the company where you want to work since usually, they share the vacancies and available job offers.
  • Take advantage of the possibilities of Networking (social-professional circle), so establish contacts with people and businessmen in your trade. Join groups where there are people with the same professional training or from the same work sector, since they generally share offers that may interest you.

Remember to use Social Networks consciously, that is, check the privacy of your publications, join networks where you can publicize your professional profile, generate contacts with strategic people for your job search And remember that recruitment experts, such as LHR Americas, often access the possibilities of Social Networks to find the best talent.


Orlando Alarcon Mejia
Talent Attraction Leader
LHR Americas

The search and selection of operational, tactical and strategic positions at a national and international level, especially in the Oil & Gas sector, has been his forte for 10 years. Passionate about the latest trends in Recruitment 5.0 and Recruitment Marketing.

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