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In the world of attracting talent, Headhunting It is a well-known term and from time to time it enters your radar, especially if you need to close a vacant high level or difficult to achieve.

In LHR Americas We have been carrying out processes for 20 years Headhunting in various areas and that is why today we will tell you about those details that you should keep in mind when considering this type of process for your company. 

What is a process of Headhunting

It is a robust strategy that is launched when it is necessary to attract a highly qualified profile, for executive and managerial positions that must meet certain requirements of experience, skills and technical knowledge of the area in which your company is located. 

Profiles so specific that they are difficult to achieve with traditional or passive recruitment and that tend to have limited access in the market. 

For them, a personalized recruitment is done, with a direct door-to-door search, which we know as Pure Hunting. 

When is it necessary to opt for this type of service? 

It is normal that if you are a human talent and recruitment professional, you wonder why you need to manage a vacancy with an external company, if you could do it yourself, but the Headhunting It is necessary in very specific situations, such as: 

  • when you have a vacant very specialized or difficult to achieve and you need to handle the process confidentially. 
  • When your team does not have the necessary experience and resources (time, operability, network of contacts, candidate library and strategies of Recruitment Marketing) to manage this type of recruitment.  
  • When do you want to choose the ideal candidate impartially; without any type of bias being involved. 
  • If you notice that you need a deeper knowledge of the working market and what is offered for the position you are seeking. 

If you are in any of these situations, the most recommended and effective thing to do is to go to a consulting Headhunting that can help you get that special candidate. 

What scope does a Headhunting process have?

The scope of this type of process may vary depending on the company with which you are managing it or if you manage it with a Headhunter particular, but in the case of LHR Americas, our scope covers the following areas: 

  • Advisory: At the beginning of the process we will provide you with all the necessary support to find out the current status of the market and give you accurate feedback on your job offer, so that you can attract the attention of the profile you are looking for. 
  • Confidentiality: we will take care of your image Employer Brand throughout the entire process, without revealing the name of your company if you wish, but we always take care to highlight those attributes that make it unique to arouse the interest of customers. candidates
  • candidate experience: We take care of each contact with the applicants for the position, valuing all the trust they place in us and notifying them of their progress in the selection. 
  • Search, preselection and evaluation: In addition to searching for the best profiles in the market, we also take care of pre-selecting the most qualified candidates and evaluating them to ensure that they are qualified to perform the role. 

The winning list: the last step to close your high-level vacancy

At the end of a strategy Headhunting, there is usually a winning list, a list with the 3 profiles that are most suitable for the position of your vacancy. 

This small list brings together the finalists for the position, who have already been evaluated, passing certain filters to demonstrate that they have a greater affinity with the position and that they will be able to adapt to the dynamics of your company. 

But in the case of LHR Americasour Headhunting strategy goes far beyond a winning list. 

After several years we realized that with only 3 profiles, we would be leaving out candidates with very valuable skills and experiences, who could catch your eye as an employer and become that fundamental piece of your team. 

That is why we are not satisfied with a shortlist, but after a first pre-selection, we present you with all the most outstanding profiles in the market so that you are sure that you chose the most prepared professional and that you are satisfied with the entry of this new collaborator. 

Do you have a vacancy for which you need a recruitment strategy? Headhunting?

If after reading this article you realize that you need to close a high-level vacancy, in a confidential manner and that it deserves a marketing strategy, Headhunting that ensures you find the perfect candidate. 

just click here and tell us all your doubts about Headhunting, and recruitment for senior positions.

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