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Do you want a desperate candidate or a prepared one? It all depends on how you work your employer brand!

The biggest challenge we have in the world of recruitment is: get candidates.

Which, in itself, has always felt like a difficult task, now much more so; because this year's forecasts indicate that the supply of workers will not be enough to cover the demand for personnel in the entire market.

And that's why it's important to know:. 

What kind of candidate are you interested in attracting?

A desperate one, looking for a job to get by? 

Or one that is truly qualified to be a valuable contribution to your company, the one that truly shares your purpose and fits your team?

for us in LHR Americas, the answer is more than clear and we know that for you too.

We do not want to contract so that in a matter of days we are looking for a replacement again.

And maybe you think:

"Well, I can't make sure that everyone who applies for my vacancy is 100% prepared, it always happens that they arrive candidates who do not meet the profile.

And you're partly right, but the kind of candidate what you attract depends very much of the work you are doing with your employer brand.

What you are communicating and how you are presenting what makes your company special.

What aspect do you want people to recognize you for?

For being the company that hires anyone or for being the place where you can really build a career, where you can grow professionally?

The Employer Brand It is the one that is in charge of defining this and transmitting it, that is why you have to be so careful with it and stop taking it lightly.

Tell me what kind of employer brand you have and I'll tell you what kind of candidates it attractsyes

the reputation of your Employer Brand It is an aspect that directly impacts the results of your talent attraction strategies and the ability to connect with candidates experts and qualified.

Just imagine the following situations: 

  1. A company with a very bad image in the labor market, which treats its employees badly candidates, with rumors of a toxic environment, wrongful layoffs, lack of growth opportunities, and no competitive wages and benefits. 
  2. A company that strives to provide a pleasant experience for both its candidates like its current collaborators}, which takes into account their expectations for professional and personal development and executes an action plan to show itself up to the task, which gives recognition to its employees, makes them protagonists of its communications, campaigns and projects. 

Which of the two do you think the best candidates will prefer? 

Do you think that the first organization, no matter how hard it tries; Will you be able to ignore the effects of your bad reputation, but above all, will you be able to convince high profile people to accept your offer?

Only good employer brands manage to win over good candidates. 

Because from it will depart the guidelines for: 

📢 Communication tone. 
🖊 Content creation. 
📊 Dissemination and positioning strategies. 
✔️ Attractive vacancies.

Allowing you to have a quality recruitment, with greater affinity between you and your candidate person, with more agile, effective and durable processes.

Everything you need to get to that ideal candidate, which will truly be a valuable acquisition for your organization.

But we don't want to tell you all this and leave you overwhelmed, thinking about everything you could do to improve your employer branding or trying to figure out where to start. 

🙌 We want you to really have the opportunity to clear all your doubts!

For this reason, we invite you to Talent Acquisition Summit 2023, on November 2 and 3, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Where two great experts, catalina saenz and Juan F. Davilawill reveal to us “10 resources to create a winning employer brand”, a conference that will transform your entire perspective on the employer branding.

just click here to know all the details.

If you want to update your knowledge and learn to overcome new challenges when it comes to attracting, evaluating and retaining the best talent, we are waiting for you at the 

Talent Acquisition Summit 2023

November 2 and 3, Bogota, Colombia.

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