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And they are here to stay! 

From which platforms like GPT3 Chat went viral, we all looked at the concept of artificial intelligence and we began to find a place for it in different industries, such as the talent management and attraction.

However, this has left many headhunters and recruiters wondering: 

“Will these new technologies be our allies or our replacement?”

"What application can I give to artificial intelligence in the area of human talent?"

And if you have asked yourself the same questions, we want you to be able to delve into AI through this article and discover how you can take advantage of it for your management. 

If I work in talent attraction, do I need to know about artificial intelligence? 

If you are a Recruiter, HR Coordinator, Headhunter or Consultant, you definitely need to know about artificial intelligence and you have probably already been using it for a while, without realizing it. 

AI has developed many platforms that can help you speed up many of your processes, such as filtering resumes, for example, to enhance many of the materials you use for your digital marketing strategies, such as creating content for your candidateswording of vacancies, etc. 

The AI in talent management: is it really a threat?

To find the answer to this question, it is important that you be aware that the Artificial intelligence It has already been linked to the management and attraction of talent for years. 

It is a set of tools and systems created to match human thinking in very specific tasks and in the processing of high volumes of information, to streamline these processes and make them much more practical. 

So it was developed more as an ally than a replacement. 

Therefore, more than a threat, if we propose to study it and get the most out of it, it will help us to strengthen our management, the way we communicate with our candidates, what content we offer them and therefore; It will increase our performance and productivity in these aspects. 

In addition, including it within our resources is part of the digitization of selection processes that we have talked so much 

Definitely, it is a very powerful tool that came to add to the management of human talent, For example; GPT3 Chat it will not replace the work of a recruiter, because its functions go beyond creating and posting a vacancy, but it can help you write more attractive vacancies for your pull campaigns

AI applications in processes talent attraction:

  • Speed and automation of repetitive tasks: Thanks to AI, it is possible to automate the selection and filtering of resumes, the sending of mass communications, the scheduling of interviews; the evaluation of competencies and skills, monitoring of recruitment processes (contract signing, background checks, orders for entrance exams, etc.)
  • Candidate Experience Optimization: is involved in various processes that help you provide a better experience to those who apply to your vacancies, for example: linking your portal employer brand with your contact channels or implementing a chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions in the selection process in real time. 
  • Selection of candidates without any type of bias: Some AI tools already allow you to perform psychometric test virtually, with filters configured to ensure that it is indeed the candidate who takes the test, to avoid bias in the information; they also perform analysis based on the tone of voice, the words you use and your body language (facial expressions, gestures, etc.)
  • Writing of attractive vacancies and content for you employer brand: many AI platforms, such as GPT3 Chat either rythr, They can help you generate content to position your employer brand such as: Instagram post ideas, disruptive titles or content for blog articles. In the case of Rytr, it already has the filter of “vacancy writing” that allows you to choose the tone of communication and from the description of the position and its functions, writes the vacancy for you. 

Are many of these AI applications familiar to you? 

Most likely, in your day-to-day you already use tools that use Artificial Intelligence to perform these tasks and process information. 

It has become your ally long before you knew it. 

Do you want to connect with your candidates through content on networks? your ally will be GPT chat 3!

GPT chat 3 went viral for its ability to answer the questions that we as users enter into its system and one of the ways you can use this to your advantage is to create content that helps you connect with your candidates, showing everything that you employer brand has to offer, your values, purpose and what makes your company a unique place to work. 

Here we show you an example of how Chat GPT3 can help you, providing ideas for the content creation

It can even give you more options if what you want is to create content about the selection process in your company: 

It is essential that you remember that in the case of GPT3 Chat, it suggests ideas or answers based on your question, but this content must be adapted to your brand; adding the essence of your employer branding and communication style, never to be used directly. 

Undoubtedly, there are many activities in the world of talent attraction in which Artificial Intelligence can help us and radically change our management and the experience we provide to our candidates. 

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